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The Facilities Management Division


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Associate Director: Dong-Yu Tsai
1. Review of Facility Management's operating budget
2. Planning and oversight of Facility Management operations
3. Supervising the administration of the University's Venue Management Committee

Extension: 2370

Yi-Cheng Huang
1. Processing of staff dormitory and short-term guest house applications/loans
2. Processing the maintenance and tendering of managed venues

Extension: 2376

Zhi-Quan Zhuang
1. Processing asset registrations, transfers, gifts, scrapping and disposal auctions.
2. Annual asset inventory.
3. Verifying the handover of assets involved in personnel transfers or departures

Extension: 2375

Jui-Ling Mao
1. Property management and revitalization affairs such as the registration and conservation of land and buildings.
2. Hire of academic gowns
3. Collection of Venue Management rents

Extension: 2371

Xiong-Feng Yang
1. New purchase, payment, registration and monthly report forms
2. Inventory of University assets and scrapped items
3. Registration and management of computer consumables by each unit

Extension: 2373